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Six white tiger cubs born in zoo in National zoological park

Six white tiger cubs born in zoo in National zoological park

Jan 23, 2014

 A 7-year-old white tigress, Kalpana, gave birth to sextuplets in the National Zoological Park, Delhi on Tuesday.

 According to zoo officials, birth of seven cubs at a time is extremely rare. Two of the seven cubs look sick but the veterinarians attending them hope the other four will survive. As of now, three vets are trying to treat them and the enclosure temperature is being maintained to keep them away from cold. Their father is 7-year-old Vijay. “I think this has happened for the first time in Asia. There have been reports of five cubs but not six. Vets are on a 24-hour duty to save the two cubs. Their mother is alright,” said zoo curator (education), Riaz Khan. In 2003, sextuplets were born to a white tigress in Buenos Aires Zoo.

The cubs would be able to open their eyes properly in two weeks’ time. Wildlife experts have always been cautious of breeding white tigers as they are vulnerable to diseases. “White tigers are hybrids that are vulnerable,” said Kartick Satyanarayan of Wildlife SOS.
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