Roar for Tigers

Tourist Information

General Information :
Area : 1000 km² core area, 627 km² buffer area
Established : sept 2008 as a Tiger Reserve Area.
Altitude : 168 – 175 meters level from sea shore
Local Language : Hindi and English
Best time to visit : Sept to Mid June (Avoid Rainy Season)Are you looking for the perfect getaway for the whole family? If so, you should look for cheap flights to India and spend your holidays here. This country is a perfect getaway for anyone looking for a fun and exciting vacation. There are plenty of places that you can visit here that will surely give you and your loved ones a fantastic time. Here, you will see various parks that you can visit together with the people closest to your heart.Forests in Pilibhit have at least 36-40 tigers and a good predator base for their survival. Pilibhit forests are part of terai forests, which together with grasslands constitute habitat for over 127 animals, 556 bird species and 2,100 flowering plants. They are also home to around 6 million people who depend on them for their livelihoods.With Corbett Tiger Reserve going to Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh always wanted to develop Pilibhit forests area as home for the striped cats. A proposal was created in 2005 to make a home for the endangered cats in Pilibhit forests was sent to the government of India in April 2008[3], on the basis of the potential to have special type of ecosystem with vast open spaces and sufficient feed for the elegant predators.
Where to stay :
The tiger reserve area has its own tourist log huts, lodges and forest resthouses at Bankatti, Mala, Chuka and other various places. All are pretty minimalist (except the one at Chuka, which has a small canteen attached to it), and charge a nominal tariff.
Nawadia FRH in Haripur Range
Chuka Picnic Spot in Mahof Range
Mustafabad FRH in Mahof Range
Barahi FRH in Barahi Range
Bifercation FRH in Barahi and Mahof Range
Alternatively, Pilibhit and Bareilly have hotels where tourists can have AC or Non AC rooms at nominal price. Hotels also provide vehicles to the tiger reserve areas on daily basis.