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UP might see a rise in the number of tigers

UP might see a rise in the number of tigers

Feb 5, 2014

Tiger count at Kishenpur might be up from the last census conducted in 2011. Analysis of camera trappings suggest an increase in the number of tigers in 204 sq km of the sanctuary that forms dudhwa’s core zone. Sensor-enabled cameras were installed at 65 locations of the sanctuary to click tigers. “Analysis so far indicates an increase in the number of tigers,” said deputy director, dudhwa, VK Singh. In 2011, about 18 tigers were recorded in Kishenpur. This time, count can go up to 25 tigers including adults and sub-adults (more than 2.5 years old). After two months, cameras were removed from Kishenpur on Tuesday and installed at two other ranges of Dudhwa – Bilrayen and south Sonaripur. As many as 104 pair of cameras have been installed every 2.5 sq km to trap maximum tigers. Meanwhile, camera feed downloaded at Kishenpur is being studied by experts from the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) and Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF-India). Tiger census 2011 had shown 118 tigers in Dudhwa which includes Dudhwa national park, Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary, Kishenpur, Pilibhit, north and south Kheri.

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