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UP tourists’ chance to go tiger-spotting

UP tourists’ chance to go tiger-spotting

Nov 6, 2015

LUCKNOW: As part of state government’s tiger-tourism under the eco-tourism initiative, a 150km tiger circuit/trail running has been planned offering visitors assured sightings of the big cat. Nature tours in tiger reserves open for the new season in the second week of November. Tiger-trail will take tourists through the tiger-dominant region starting from Mahof range of Pilibhit tiger reserve and ending at Motipur range of Katarniaghat sanctuary. “Idea is to guide visitors to spots where they can sight tigers for sure,” said sources. Officers in tiger-ranges and reserves have been asked to send in pictures of spots with high tiger-sightings to UP forest corporation which is the nodal department for eco-tourism. Similar trails have been planned through bird sanctuaries, Gangetic basin and forests and eco spots in eastern and southern parts of the state.

UP has three tiger reserves but tourists to Dudhwa and other protected areas in the state often rue not sighting tigers while on a trip to the jungle. Towing the tiger-trail, however, will help wildlife enthusiasts spot tigers in their natural surroundings and behaviour. The 150km tiger-trail runs across the protected area of the state, from Pilibhit tiger reserve till Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary which is the core of Dudhwa tiger reserve. The trail includes Kishenpur sanctuary which has high tiger density in the core area of Dudhwa. Tiger census 2015 counted 117 tigers in UP, enough to support tiger tourism. Tigers in the state constitute one major and three smaller populations. Major population inhabits the Dudhwa reserve, Kishenpur and Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuaries, Pilibhit reserve and north and south Kheri forests. Smaller part of the tiger count dwells presently in Bijnor tiger reserve in west and Suhelwa and Sohagibarwa wildlife sanctuaries in east.



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