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Tigress kills man in Kalagarh

Tigress kills man in Kalagarh

Feb 11, 2014

BAREILLY: The terror of maneater tigress, who has been on a prowl in western Uttar Pradesh since December 29, continues to haunt villagers and forest department alike. On Sunday, another man fell prey to the tigress. While locals claimed the man was its 10th victim, forest officials said the feline has devoured nine people so far and one person was mauled by a leopard.  According to forest officials, a contractor and his assistant Ram Saran Valmiki stopped at Kalagarh, a sub-divisional area of Jim Corbett National Park, on Sunday morning to relieve themselves. Suddenly, the tigress struck and dragged 35-year-old Valmiki into the bushes. Forest officials found his almost eaten body near Sandy dam. This is the second killing by a the maneater in a span of three days. “The cat has been attacking people inside or at the fringes of the forest area. Most of the attacks took place in sugarcane fields,” said a senior forest official. Meanwhile, the UP forest department has given shoot permit to six hunters to end the big cat’s reign of terror in the area but till now, the tigress has managed to dodge the foresters. After each attack, the tigress disappears into the densely forested area and officials are unable to trace its movement or sight it. “It has become difficult to track the maneater because the sugercane fields and dense forest in the region provide the predator a perfect cover,” said Salil Shukla, sub-divisional forest officer, Bijnor division. Experts said that humans are not part of the regular diet of tiger. “As of now, we are guessing that the maneater tigress has an injury in her jaws. As humans are easy prey in comparison to animals, it has started attacking them,” said Shukla. Most of tigers turn maneater during old age. “However, this one is young and is around four years old because the tigress has trekked nearly 300 kilometres since December 29 when it made its first kill,” said BC Brahma, divisional forest officer, Moradabad. However, after a tiger turns maneater, it does not like to eat flesh of other animals. “Once a maneater tiger get a taste of human flesh, it avoids eating other animals. In such cases, we either put tigers in zoos or shoot them,” said Shukla.
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