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Tiger’s postmortem findings puzzle activists, PTR officials

Tiger’s postmortem findings puzzle activists, PTR officials

May 13, 2015

PILIBHIT: Wildlife experts and officials of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve are puzzled with the findings of the postmortem report, released to the PTR office on Tuesday, of the tiger that had died on April 23. According to the divisional forest officer of PTR, Kailash Prakash, the post mortem report has revealed that the tiger may have died of three different causes – presence of insecticides in the carcass, worms in tiger’s intestines and empty stomach caused by starvation. Wildlife experts and activists claim that the report presents contradictory findings. According to them, insecticides in the carcass indicated that the animal had consumed something containing toxicants and this means that it couldn’t have been on empty stomach. Reacting to the findings, the retired chief wildlife warden of the state, Mohammad Ahsan, said that the report was dubious. He also believed that the tiger couldn’t have been found on an empty stomach if insecticides were found in the carcass. “There would definitely have been some quantity of toxic flesh in the stomach of the tiger,” he said.

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Amitabh Agnihotri, vice president of Wildlife Biodiversity Conservation Society, feels that the report has been fabricated to conceal the actual facts. “Recovery of the tiger’s body from the feeder canal of Sharda River was strong evidence that it had been poisoned by poachers,” he said.



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