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Tigers have reduced from 118 to 117 in UP; Census Figures Say It Has Gone Up In PTR

Tigers have reduced from 118 to 117 in UP; Census Figures Say It Has Gone Up In PTR

Jan 22, 2015

LUCKNOW: While the tiger population in the country rose by 30% from 2010 to 2014, the number of tigers in Uttar Pradesh has gone down from 118 in 2010 to 117 in 2014. However, the new tiger census released on Tuesday, said that, “Pilibhit tiger reserve and adjoining areas of Uttarakhand have improved.” “While tiger status has either shown a slight decline or remained status quo in protected areas of UP Terai habitat,” it said. Sources in UP forest department said sector-wise figures will be available soon. In 2010, 118 tigers were counted in UP. In 2006, 109 tigers were found in the state’s protected areas. The 2010 census showed significant number of tigers (112) in Dudhwa-Pilibhit-Kheri region comprising Dudhwa national park, Kishenpur and Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuaries, north and south Kheri and Pilibhit forest divisions.


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Besides, five tigers were found in Suhelwa sanctuary (lying in Gonda-Bahraich) and one in Sohagibarwa wildlife sanctuary in Maharajganj. UP has three tiger reserves — 884 sq km of Dudhwa tiger reserve, 720 sq km of Pilibhit tiger reserve and 80 sq km of Amangarh tiger reserve (carved out of 221 sq km Bijnore forest). According to 2010 census, at least 2,766 sq km was potential tiger habitat in UP. Tigers in UP are distributed in one major and three smaller populations. Major population is in Dudhwa tiger reserve comprising Dudhwa National Park (680 sq km), Kishenpur Sanctuary (204 sq km) and Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary (440 sq km); Pilibhit (720 sq km); North Kheri (350 sq km) and South Kheri (460 sq km). Smaller tiger populations are present in Bijnor forests in west and Suhelwa (Gonda-Bahraich) and Sohagibarwa wildlife sanctuaries (Maharajganj) in east. Tiger census 2014 used advanced and scientific exercise to count adults and cubs as well as other endangered species also.



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