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Tiger kills man in Corbett national park

Tiger kills man in Corbett national park

Mar 26, 2014

LUCKNOW: A man was killed and eaten by a tiger in Corbett tiger reserve on 26th March. Corbett officials played down the attack and said it has no link with the man-eater of Bijnore which has not struck in the last 45 days since February 9. “This man was reading a paper while his cattle grazed in the forest. Tiger attacked him at the same time,” said Corbett warden SC Upadhyay. The incidents took place at Dikuli village close to the north boundary of Corbett. Official added that it was mistake on the part of the man that he entered the forest area. The incident took place during the day time. A tiger kill, a carcass of Sambhar, was found near to the place of incident. A hunt for the tiger has been launched and pugmarks are being studied.

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