Roar for Tigers

Place near PTR

Chuka Beach:-

Located under the Mahof forest range in between Sharda Sagar Dam and Sharda Canal is the Chuka Beach. This is a government protected forest zone and also one of the five forest reserves located in the districts of Mala, Haripur, Barahi, Mahof and Deoriya. The spot has now been converted into a picnic spot by the district administration, as an attempt to improve tourism.

Jama Masjid:-

Jama Masjid is one of the massive buildings constructed during the Mughal era and the replica of the same building is also located in the capital city of India, Delhi. The Jama Masjid was constructed in the year 1769 by Hafiz Rehmat Khan. Money worth rupees three lakh was spent during that time on the construction of Jama Masjid along with a sun watch, which is still present. Special prayers are held here on every Friday. Most of Jama Masjid is now in ruins and is being re – constructed. On every Tuesday of the week, there is a large market held outside the Jama Masjid area.


Dargah–E–Shahji Miyan:-

The dargah belonging to qutebe Pilibhit Hazrat Kibla Haji Shah Ji Mohammad Sher Mian Sahib Rahmat Ullah Aleh or Dargah – e – Shahji Miyan is located in the northern most part of the city region of Pilibhit. Devotees offer a Chadar or a blanket, which is a ritual that is carried out here. People of different religions and cultures visit the spot to pray.

Raja Venu ka Tila:-

About a kilometre from the railway station in the area of Puranpur is the ancient ruins of the palace that belonged to Raja. It is popularly known as Raja Venu ka Tila.

Gauri Shankar Temple:-

The temple of Gauri Shankar located at the banks of River Khahra and Devha in Khahra. This 450 year old temple was once visited by Pandit Har Prasad along with other Saints. A fair is organized every year on different festive occasions like Shivratri and Raksha Bandhan. There are two massive entry gates on both southern and eastern side of the temples that were constructed by Hafiz Rahmat Khan in the late 18th century.

Ardhanarishwer Temple:-

Located on the station road of Pilibhit is the newly constructed temple of Ardhanarishwer that is enshrined by Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. The temple is crowded during the Mahashivratri celebrations and during the Shraavana month, as rituals and customs are held then.

Jaisantri Devi Temple:-

About 5 km from the railway station of Pilibhit, is the sacred Jaisantri Devi temple, which is in poor condition presently. The temple is visited, especially during the festival of Navarathri. As per folklore, the temple was constructed around the year 1858 in the memory of Indian soldiers who fought the British soldiers. There is a 200 year old peepal tree present in the compound of the temple. The flood that occurred in the month of September 2008 has resulted in the ruined condition of the temple, evident even today.