Roar for Tigers

Visitor’s Guide

  • Travel with a genuine desire to know more about the wildlife in these parts.
  • Things cannot be predetermined in a natural environment. Treasure each moment because it will always be unique.
  • Do not expect to see wild animals and birds as a matter of right. Be patient and understanding.
  • It is far more enlightening to listen and observe rather than to merely hear or see.

  • Do not assume that you know all the answers. If you ask questions, chances are you’ll leave as a more informed person.
  • Wear clothes of shades that blend with the natural environment. Avoid bright shades.
  • We cannot give you enough warnings on safety. Please ensure that you and your companions observe all the stipulated safety precautions. We also urge you to take care not to harm the wildlife.
  • Do not expect special privileges. Remember; you are only one of our many visitors.
  • Be sensitive of the needs of your fellow travelers. Do not engage in offensive behavior. This is particularly with regard to photography.
  • We cannot promise you a home away from home experience. Please remember that the jungle is the domain of nature and its wild denizens and we are just a visitor to their home..