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Pilibhit Tiger Reserve to open for tourist season

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve to open for tourist season

Nov 16, 2015

PILIBHIT: The wait is now over and it’s time to watch the beauty of nature in Pilibhit. The forests of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve (PTR) will be open for tourists from November 15. The bookings in Chuka beach have already started, with local tourists showing their interest in visiting the area. PTR has always been in the news because of the presence of 44 tigers, endangered species like barking deer, honey badger, leopards, swamp francolin, Bengal bustard, vultures, barking deer and so on. There are evergreen forests in PTR which support a variety of wildlife species, including several which are rare.

This is the perfect time to sight migratory birds, many of which have begun arriving at the reserved forest which has several forests and water bodies. Recently ruddy shelduck (commonly known as Brahminy duck in India) and red crested pochard were sighted in PTR forests. The coming days would witness the arrival of more birds from other subcontinents, says Akhtar Mian Khan, a wildlife expert.

Kailash Prakash, divisional forest officer of PTR, has ensured that all the guest houses are in good condition and food, water and electricity are in sufficient supply for visitors. Locals have been appointed to guide visitors and ensure that nobody enters the core area or disturbs the wildlife. “The tourists have started arriving, which is quite encouraging, and I hope that PTR will attract a lots of tourists this year. The roads have been repaired. However, nothing much was done to repair the roads in the deep forest area because it would have disturbed the wildlife,”
Prakash told TOI, adding that tree houses, huts and boating facilities were present at Chuka to ensure tourists enjoy their stay there.






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