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Meet the pooch who lives with his tiger best friends

Meet the pooch who lives with his tiger best friends

Feb 5, 2015

Huang Huang the dog and Tontong the tiger have become inseparable best pals after zookeepers in China chose the playful pooch as the newborn’s playmate seven years ago. The 300-pound tiger and Huang Huang have now formed a purrfect threesome along with another tiger, Huan Huan.“When Tontong was born his mother turned against him so we had to separate them. But we could tell he was lonely so we decided to introduce him to Huang Huang, who is the same age,” said a spokesman for the Tianjinghu zoo in the city of Tongling. “It’s amazing but seven years have gone by and they are all like brothers. They play, sleep and eat together.” Visitors at the zoo are stunned to see the unlikely trio. “I’d heard about this but had never been to see it for myself until now. It really is amazing,” said Shu Yuan, 31. “We live in a terrible world where humans slaughter each other and yet look at them. We could learn a lot from their friendship.” But another visitor was wary about the odd group.

“I don’t think it’s safe for them to live together,” said Zi Tang, 40. “Tigers are wild animals and their instinct is to hunt. It’s not natural and sends a bad signal that this is OK because it seems all right to humans.“I wouldn’t be surprised if one day the two tigers pounce on the poor old dog and ate it.”



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