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‘Maneater’ could be in Corbett Tiger Reserve

‘Maneater’ could be in Corbett Tiger Reserve

Feb 6, 2014

DEHRADUN: The suspected maneater, who has been stalking the forests of Uttar Pradesh, could now be around the Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR). Officials say that since the animal last preyed on a 35-year-old man in Bijnor district, which is about two kilometers from CTR, there are chances that it may have entered the tiger reserve by now. The forest departments of both Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand are involved in tracing the animal. “Precautionary measures such as intensive patrolling around vulnerable spots at water bodies, grass land and villages close to CTR are being taken. However, it is difficult to predict the precise location of the tiger as it can always cross territories through various routes,” chief wildlife warden SS Sharma, who held talks with officials of CTR and Uttar Pradesh forest department, told TOI. Forest officials are also not sure yet whether the maneater is a tiger or a tigress. Moradabad forest conservator Kamlesh Kumar said that they are looking at clues. “Steps such as examination of pug marks, scat analysis and motion sensor camera traps are being taken in both the states. If the samples which were taken in UP match with those collected in CTR, then the presence of same tiger in the area can be confirmed. Teams have been kept ready on both sides to trap the tigers or tranquilize it. But if cannot be controlled, it will have to be shot.” The first victim of the maneater was found on December 29 last year in a sugarcane field in Sambhal. Three others were allegedly killed in Moradabad on agrarian land and two more in the reserve forest area in Bijnor.

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