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Locals demand exemption from Pilibhit Tiger Reserve laws

Locals demand exemption from Pilibhit Tiger Reserve laws

Oct 21, 2014

PILIBHIT: Villagers living in proximity of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve on Monday held a demonstration at the collectorate campus against the restrictions on entering the jungle which was affecting their livelihood. The villagers claimed that due to the prohibition, which came into effect after the tiger reserve was given its status, they were not being allowed to enter the jungle to collect wood and other materials, which was hurting their earning. Demanding exemption from rules of the tiger reserve, the villagers also asked for permission to graze their animals in the forest area. They presented a memorandum to the city magistrate, addressed to the UP CM, demanding permission to collect jungle grass, water reed and common reed for thatching their huts and firewood for cooking.


The memorandum has also been marked to union minister of women and child care and a local parliamentarian Maneka Gandhi, the minister of state for Khadi and village industries and a local MLA from Pilibhit assembly constituency, Riaz Ahmad as well as two other MLAs of Samajwadi party from Pilibhit district. In their memorandum the villagers have alleged that after the declaration of Pilibhit tiger reserve, the forest zone has become a prohibited area, which has caused extreme hardships for villagers. The villagers also appealed to the chief minister to direct the forest authorities to let them know of the benefits of Pilibhit tiger reserve which are incessantly being claimed by the department but still not known to the common villagers. The villagers who had taken part in demonstration belonged to Bhairon Kalan Khurd, Sapha, Banskhera, Shahgarh, Jamunia, Laxmanpur, Abhaipur, Richhaula, Mathna Japti, Sirsa Sardah and Dheram Mandaria.



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