Roar for Tigers

Indian Tigers Will Roar In Cambodia

Indian Tigers Will Roar In Cambodia

Apr 15, 2016

To increase tiger population in Cambodia, India can relocate some tigers to the country under the global effort to increase the number of big cats.

What’s the story?

In the just concluded ‘third Asia Ministerial Conference on tiger conservation’, India’s minister of forest and environment, Prakash Javdekar has said that India would cooperate with all countries on increasing tiger population.

Why relocation to Cambodia?

Historically Cambodia’s dry forests in the Eastern Plains supported diverse and abundant wildlife, including a large number of tigers. However, intensive poaching of both tigers and their prey lead to a rapid decline in their number. There are no wild tigers in Cambodia and the species is considered functionally extinct.


World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) report titled ‘Bringing Back Cambodia’s Roar: Reintroducing Tigers To The Eastern Plains’ says there is a need to introduce tiger population of eight individuals – six females and two males. The tiger population could grow at 15% per year and could reach more than 25 tigers within 10 years.

Why will India help?

Increasing the population of tigers has become an international mission. Tigers are functionally extinct in 3 of the 13 tiger ranges countries. According to WWF report, around 100-200 tigers were poached in Cambodia annually and exported to Thailand and Vietnam in the 1990s.

Out of 3,900 tiger population across the globe, India has around 2500 tigers. Relocation has worked within Indian states which has helped to increase the total tiger population.



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