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Drought-hit Pilibhit gets no aid from UP govt

Drought-hit Pilibhit gets no aid from UP govt

Sep 22, 2014

PILIBHIT: The UP government has declared Pilibhit district as drought-hit on September 16 but it is yet to receive any aid from the government in this case. Farmers in the district, hit by highly deficient rainfall, are still waiting for additional means of minor irrigation. Drought, coupled with erratic power supply in rural areas, is not allowing farmers to use their water pumps, making it impossible to irrigate crops like paddy and sugarcane. Agro experts said crops of paddy and sugarcane require adequate irrigation at this time as the late varieties of paddy crop are undergoing a process of milking while the formation of grain has started in early varieties. Likewise, the sugarcane crop also needs proper watering at this stage for the formation of juice. The state government had allocated 248 solar photovoltaic irrigation pumps to the district last year which had been provided to the farmers at a very nominal cost but this year, the district has completely been deprived of any allotment of these pumps. The deputy director of agriculture, AK Singh, said Pilibhit had ranked first in the installation of solar pumps among all the 20 districts of Uttar Pradesh where this scheme had been launched in 2013-14. He said solar photovoltaic irrigation pumps have been manufactured by a Hyderabad-based company.

The original cost of a pump is around Rs 2.75 lakh while the state government provides subsidy worth Rs 2,06,243 to the farmers on the installation of these solar pumping units. He said the agriculture department has submitted a demand for 500 units for the current year but the state administration has not sent any approval. A farmer of village Udaikaranpur, under Puranpur tehsil circle, Jagmohan Singh said the solar pump is equipped with 2 KVA motor and eight solar panels which are revolving and can be given direction toward sun as per requirement. He said the system provides proper delivery of water. He said the solar pump is eco-friendly as it does not create snoise, smoke or pollution.



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