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DM bars Gypsies from plying in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

DM bars Gypsies from plying in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Nov 19, 2016

PILIBHIT: The district magistrate of Pilibhit has prohibited the operation of Gypsies in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve for conducting safaris.

As part of PTR’s plan to promote tourism, Bareilly-based conservator of forest had arranged for five Gypsies. These reached PTR on November 17 from Dudhva Tiger Reserve, in neighbouring Kheri district. The DM stopped the operation of these vehicles as they are not registered with the transport authority here under the category of taxis.

Tourists have been barred from using private vehicles for safaris. This has dampened the spirit of the tourists who visited the tiger reserve. Conservator VK Singh had first announced on September 28 to introduce six Gypsies to PTR for letting tourists go on a safari. But these vehicles arrived at PTR, they were found to have the status of private vehicles.

Divisional forest officer of PTR Kailash Prakash said the district magistrate had directed that these Gypsies’ registration be converted from private vehicles to taxis and road tax concerned is paid before operation in PTR.

District magistrate Masoom Ali Sarvar said the use of private vehicles for tourist service was unlawful but also an evattempt to evade road tax and registration fee. “I will not let any illegal activity to take place under my administration,” Sarvar said.
 Last year, Kheri district magistrate Kinjal Singh had also seized such Gypsies for the same reason, preventing them from running in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve on jungle safaris
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