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Crocs devour 60-year-old farmer near river bank

Crocs devour 60-year-old farmer near river bank

May 2, 2014

After increasing tiger attacks, villagers in the Pilibhit region have to now be wary of crocodiles which have made Apsara river their home. On Sunday night, the reptiles devoured a 60-year-old farmer who had gone to the river bank for answering nature’s call.
The half-eaten body of the victim, Sardara Singh, a resident of Chatthi Niyaz village under Amariya police station, was found by some villagers floating on the river the next morning.  Divisional forest officer Rajeev Mishra told TOI that the crocodiles had eaten up a leg and arm of the victim and had ripped off flesh from every part of the body except the face and the neck.  He said the river was infested with crocodiles and villagers had already been warned about venturing too close, given the sighting of crocodiles on a regular basis. Besides, incidents of the reptiles crawling up to nearby villages and fields have also been reported in the past. Police officials said the postmortem report clearly stated that the death had occurred due to excessive bleeding and injury caused by sharp teeth of the reptile which points towards attack by crocodiles. Rajendra Prasad, a 27-year-old farmer, was mauled by a tigress in March in the region.

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