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Buffalo herd saves man from tiger in PTR

Buffalo herd saves man from tiger in PTR

May 11, 2015

PILIBHIT: A herd of buffalo saved the life of its master from a tiger when he had taken the bovines for grazing on the left bank of the Kharja canal, about two km from the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, on Thursday evening. Though the man escaped, the tiger leapt on one buffalo and killed it. However, faced with an aggressive herd, the tiger left the carcass on the spot and disappeared into the tall grass growing along the canal. A team of social forestry division personnel is camping at the spot to avert any man-animal conflict due to the movement of the tiger in the vicinity. Noor Mohammad, a resident of Madhotanda, told mediapersons that he had taken his buffaloes at the nearby Kharja canal banks on Thursday evening. Suddenly, a tiger emerged from the tall grass and was about to pounce on him when the buffaloes came to his rescue. While the bovines adopted an attacking posture, a young buffalo somehow got separated from the herd and the tiger killed it. The aggressive posture adopted by the herd, forced the tiger to beat a hasty retreat, leaving behind the carcass.


Mohammad said he had lost a calf in another tiger attack the previous year. Divisional director of social forestry Adarsh Kumar told TOI that a team of four persons — range officer Hasin Ahmad, section officer Mohammad Ayyub and two watchers — have been deployed at the spot to keep a vigil against the tiger’s encroachment and preventing any loss of human life or livestock. He said Mohammad would be given Rs 15,000 as compensation. Sub divisional officer of PTR DP Singh said the tiger may have strayed in human area in search of prey. Secretary of Save Environment Society TH Khan said the tiger may have come to the canal to quench its thirst. Vice-president of Wildlife Biodiversity Conservation Society Amitabh Agnihotri apprehended that the deficient numbers of herbivores in the forest may have compelled the tiger stray. The rapidly shrinking water bodies in the jungle may another factor for the tiger to stray to Kharja canal, added Agnihotri.



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